Massages and treatments

Massages were best but the indoor and outdoor pool were great as well!“ Lenka, 3rd February 2016
Entrust yourself to expert hands of our masseurs and enjo spoiling care from tip to toe that will relax and beautify your body and mind. Close the door of the outside world for a while and grant yourself a moment of peace. Recharge your batteries, gain new energy and find your inner and outer beauty with our wellness treatments and massages.

  • Massages
  • Peelings
  • Wraps
  • Facial treatments
  • Manicure and pericure

Opening hours

Open daily 03:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Children under 12 years are entitled to access to the wellness center until 7 p.m.

Information and reservations

+421 44 523 19 00 - 01



partial: 25 min.
full-body: 50 min.
Relaxation massage focuses on removing fatigue, stress and relieving tension. It relaxes body and mind. This massage boosts blood circulation and relieves tired muscles. It is a very gentle type of massage that uses special relaxation massage oil, helps relieve stress, depression and fatigue and has calming effects.
Športová masáž


duration: 25 min.
Bee honey massage detoxifies - removes body sediments that got accumulated in tissues throughout the life (from food, medicaments, the environment) and the body cannot get rid of them itself. The massage brings toxins to the skin surface. It is ideal for headaches, long-lasting fatigue, sleeping problems, depressions, rheumatic and menstrual problems.
Medova masaz


duration: 20 min.
Peat wrap improves blood circulation, muscular and articular activity, absorption of haemorrhages, healing of severe skin eczema. The hot peat treatment is ideal for rheumatic problems, tight muscles and joints or back pain.
Raselinový zábal


duration: 70 min.
Special lava stones accumulate heat and activate effective substances that help the body recover faster. The stones harmonise human body, absorb negative energy, eliminate muscle pain, boost blood circulation and support detoxification. This kind of massage is not recommended for heat-sensitive people, those who suffer high blood pressure, people after surgery, people with infectious diseases and pregnant women.
Masáž lávovými kameňmi